you attack my heart!

" this must be what thrill feels like darling! "

inspired by chuu's (츄) Heart Attack

no sticker edition.

happy gda!

happiness committee

" Um, everyone...being's your duty! "

― Hatsune Miku , こちら、幸福安心委員会です。

alternate version.

kiss your homie goodnight

" kiss your homie before you sleep ❤ "

morning version.

good morning



cherry outing

" Only after having met you did I rediscover that it's such a simple thing to be happy. "

― Hua Cheng (花城) , 天官赐福

alternate version.

dessert date

kiss later!

" I like you too! But today, just hug me! "

inspired by YeoJin's (여진) Kiss Later

alternate version.



" Oh, I hope it's raining outside.
Maybe then, you'll kiss me goodbye. "

inspired by kieron lee and chloe ho's Raincoat

through and through

" I know that everything finds its place "

inspired by khai dream's Through and Through

nya' boy!

basil's alchemy

still image




Celestial Apparel: Star Family

✿ bgm: Strawberry Juice by COZY CLOU:D

✿ bgm: Cheer Up by COZY CLOU:D

✿ bgm: Surprise Present by COZY CLOU:D

✿ bgm: Breeze by COZY CLOU:D

✿ bgm: Sweet Heart by COZY CLOU:D

A short series of reels introducing 1/2 of the cast of Celestial Apparel

all i want for christmas is you (2020)

Ruoki prepares a musical Christmas number for his special homie, Carnelian.

✿ audio from Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas is You

spaghetti and apple taters (2020)

Ruoki and Carnelian are hunting ghosts - like bros do - until they encounter an unusual ghost from the spirit box.

✿ audio from Buzzfeed Unsolved's The Demonic Bellaire House

that night (2019)

What exactly happened the night Moo and Niou met?

✿ audio is from Can you tell the time?

❁ song (at the end) is Teshima Aoi (手嶌葵) 's Breakfast Song

permanent hug (2017)

What exactly happened the night Moo and Niou met?

✿ audio is dodie's permanent hug , featuring jack howard

i'm maria! i'm a filipino illustrator and animator.
⋆ ˚✧ i also have a BFA in game design from NYU.
i love telling stories through my art and enjoy making characters kiss and hold hands!i aim to create work that brings warm, fuzzy feelings or either the occasional sense of dread and [email protected]

sequential art

character design

neko suki

biscuit tartine



psychopump AU


contractor's game AU

game design


Team of 3

Carson Gilford: Game Designer
Donovan Robinson: Game Designer
Maria Roxas: Game Designer, Lead Artist

A 4-week group project for NYU Game Center's Introduction to Game DesignGonPachi is a 3-4 player board game about a warzone between (literal) food chefs who are behind a famous Japanese restaurant!Players must compete against each other in order to see who gets to serve more customers before the night ends!

player characters

player's finished! tokens

player boards

game board

game board (with labels)

food tokens

fried + grilled food tokens

what if we were porcelain figures and we kissed?

play @

Maria Roxas: Writer & Visual Artist

A 3-week project for NYU Game Center's Introduction to Narrative Design course.what if we were porcelain figures and we kissed? is an adaptation based on Hans Andersen's The Shepherdess and The Chimney Sweep.what if we were porcelain figures and we kissed? is a sweet, wholesome gay love story between two porcelain figurines - the shepherd and the chimney sweeper. It tells the story about how the two porcelain figures are displayed next to each other... and what if... they kissed? and they were both boys?!The story consists of falling in love, yearning, hugging fluffy sheep, and going against a world that you literally weren’t made to go against - especially when you and your object of affection are porcelain figures for sale.

play @

Team of 3

Jade Wang: Lead Programmer
Cara Outar: Writer & Narrative Designer
Maria Roxas: Lead Artist & Animator

A 4-week group project for NYU Game Center's Intermediate Game Development course.The magnificent Papyrus wants to take you on a date! Tour his house, learn about his interests, and engage in one-on-one combat.... to see who has more dating power!?A Date with Papyrus is a clone of the dating segment from Toby Fox's hit RPG, Undertale. It showcases the game's iconic artstyle, charming and loving characters, and what it means to date a skeleton!

Inspired by Kaz Li's Don't Belong.

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Team of 4

Sarah Slovak: Lead Narrative Designer
Max Seavey: UI & Level Designer
Wesley Davies: Lead Programmer & Audio Designer
Maria Roxas: Lead Artist & Animator

A 4-week proof-of-concept for NYU Game Center's Major Studio Fall course.The Penne Dreadful Murder prototype is a surreal horror point-and-click mystery game wherein Detective Pennelope Scout was called to the surreal town of Timsville to investigate the death of Dylan Torez.

bodega items

inspired by LamazeP (ラマーズP)'s PoPiPo (ぽっぴっぽー)

fish ATM

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Team of 8

Sarah Slovak: Narrative Designer
Ashley Whang: Narrative Designer & Timling Maker
Max Seavey: Project Management, UI/UX & Background Artist
Leo Ji: Lead Programmer
Maria Roxas & Raynah Alleyne: Visual Artist
Matt Piedra & Coby Hilelly: Level Design & Audio Design

The Penne Dreadful Murder is a surreal horror point-and-click mystery game wherein Detective Pennelope Scout was called to the surreal, cult-like town of Timsville to uncover the town's secrets!

character portraits

Detectives from the New Fork Ziti Detective Bureau

Timsville Residents



orzo parmesan's room


miscellaneous items



inspired by LamazeP (ラマーズP)'s PoPiPo (ぽっぴっぽー)

church of tim

demo @

Team of 7

Leo Current: Writer & Narrative Designer
Sawyer Smith: Narrative Designer & Audio Designer
David Liao: Lead Programmer
Steven Yang: Level Designer
Maria Roxas: Visual Artist & Animator
Ari Zhou: Visual Artist & Game Designer
June Redmer: Audio Designer & Composer

Project Volition is an RPG Maker horror game where Clara, investigates the sudden disappearance of one of her friends.Amidst investigation and exploration, encounters of various unfinished assets, wires, and TV static leads Clara and her friends to a revelation that their world may not be what they originally deem it to be.

overworld character sprites







misc. overworld animations

Inspired by Eli Clendenning's Gallery.

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Team of 4

Sarah Granoff: Narrative Designer
Coby Hilelly: Narrative Designer
Leo Ji: Lead Programmer
Maria Roxas: Lead Artist & Animator

A 4-week proof-of-concept for NYU Game Center's Major Studio Fall course.People Watching is a short narrative game about utilizing the art of eavesdropping to learn about what it means to consume art in various perspectives (as the art, artist, and art viewers)


inspired by Junji Ito's The Enigma of Amigara Fault


peek in-n-out


friendly triptych